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    ANAL HYBRID 2 OZ / 60 ML

Item No.: ZE-LU-6727-2

This thick density lube is specially formulated for anal stimulation and play, with no numbing agents.

Because it’s made of 100% vegan pharmaceutical grade ingredients, it’s completely body safe and can also be used vaginally and withcondoms or toys.

If you’re looking for great staying power in a water-based format, you’ll love this blend. Never sticky or tacky, it washes off easily, but it also gives you the long-lasting lubrication that’s so important in an anal lube.

Formulated for anal stimulation.

Extra thick density.

100% vegan pharmaceutical grade ingredients.

Long lasting, never sticky or tacky.

No desensitizing or numbing agents.

Works great alone and with a partner.

Washes off very easily.

Vaginal, condom and toy safe.

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