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Item No.: AE-WF-5408-2

Sensitize your hot spots with the power of stimulating suction. This pretty and petite pump’s cup fits over your clit and labia, creating an airtight seal. Pull the trigger handle to draw air out of the cup. This increases blood flow to the area, giving you a puffier look and a more sensitive feel that promotes more intense sensations and bigger, better climaxes! Apply lube to the cup’s smooth silicone edges for the tightest possible seal and pump your way to pleasure.

- Hand-operated vaginal and clitoral pump
- Creates a gentle, stimulating suction that increases sensitivity
- Draws blood flow to the surface for a puffier look & intensified feel
- Petite cup makes it easier to target your clit and vagina
- Smooth silicone rim seals even better with lubricant
- Quick release valve breaks the seal instantly
- Pump and cup in ABS plastic
- Petite cup: 6,5 cm long, 3,9 cm wide, 3,9 cm deep
- Pump, hose & cup: 53,3 cm total length
- Phthalate & latex free

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